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Conveniently located near Central Station Sara’s Place support women in unplanned or problem pregnancy. We also support women who are suffering after abortion. Our staff are dedicated to your needs. So if you feel you have been impacted by an unexpected pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion or any related circumstances, please call on 1300 851 592 or use the form below to book an appointment.

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Many women have started motherhood in less than ideal situations, yet have gone on to become wonderful mums, grateful to have their child. You may know some of these women. Pregnancy represents a life transition.

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For many women adoption seems like an impossible choice, yet in many situations it can be a loving and courageous decision to make. There is much support available to help you through the process and there is always the opportunity to change your mind.

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Before considering abortion, take some time to understand what is involved. Abortion can have a long term effect on women’s emotional and mental health, so we recommend obtaining information from a variety of sources.

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