A Note: Sara’s Place keeps our client’s safety and dignity is at the heart of what we do, and confidentiality is kept strictly. Some of our clients make the decision to share their story to contribute to important public conversations about motherhood, women and pregnancy. We share these stories with full permission from them.

I remember the day, March 28th, 2016. It was 11 am and I had an inkling. My period was 2 days late. Have you ever heard women say they just “knew” they were pregnant? I think I had that same feeling. I took a pregnancy test and there it was, 2 lines. I looked at it again because I was shocked. I thought I knew I was pregnant but a pregnancy test confirmed it, I am really pregnant! So many emotions ran through my body – shock, surprise, fear, but the overall emotion – joy. Pure joy. I had started growing a life inside of me, my body had started the process of preparing to grow a baby, my period had stopped and the HcG hormone was in full swing – enough to show a positive pregnancy test.

So off I went to get 3 more tests, perhaps the first one was faulty? And each test kept showing the same thing – positive, positive, positive. I was pregnant! Straight away another thought came to mind “I bet it’s a boy!”. I already have a daughter and I just kept thinking how lucky I felt.

My partner at the time played professional rugby league and he was playing that day. I decided not to tell him until after the game as not to distract him. In the meantime I called my mum to tell her. I told another friend too. That friend said to me “oh my goodness you’re going to have another baby!”. And I began to think so myself.

At 8.30 pm that night I informed my partner and he said “I knew it” followed by “well you know what we are doing”.

I was rattled. I hadn’t expected it. I thought he would say “wow we are having a baby”, but instead we were already discussing the abortion.

I hung up the phone. I was blindsided by his abrupt decision. In the following days he would say things to me such as “you’re only keeping this baby to trap me”. He then told me if I was to have the baby I would be raising it on my own and he would not support me. I will never forget him saying “why would you bring a baby into the world when the dad doesn’t want it”. I was devastated. He also told me “I would hate you for having the baby”.

He became cold and distant and did not allow me to talk about the baby unless we were discussing the abortion. On top of this I was incredibly sick with “morning sickness”, I was barely eating or drinking and could hardly sleep due to feeling so ill…

This is part 1 of Jaya’s Story to be published later.